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Audible audiobooks

I’ve always been into books and while I still do plenty of reading, I find myself listening to audio books a lot! Audio books are convenient and pretty entertaining thanks to the narrators. I like the service for myself but I also think an yearlong subscription makes a perfect gift because there are audio books for every occasion, all year long!

I prefer kiddo getting more entertainment from audio books than from television. I much rather SJ, now a teen, listen to them than to watch today’s popular music videos or watch reality tv. There are plenty to choose from including some top sellers the young crowd loves! Audiobooks

I love Audible the most for travel. It’s great to be able to go on a road trip and listen to my audio books. I especially like motivational books on my way to the conferences and meetings I attend throughout the year! I also like audio books to use as travel guides so I can concentrate on viewing the sights instead of reading about about them! audio books

Audio books are also great for children and has great holiday audio books, some of my childhood favorites! Audiobooks

Now is the perfect time to get a subscription and take advantage of the Audible Gold Offer where you can save 50% off the first three months for only $7.49 per month with Audible coupon codes!

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  1. December 22, 2014 / 8:31 AM

    Definitely going to check this out! It’s a great way for Tatiana to read along with the books that we’re reading.