Asiago Meatball Ravioli – So Much Yum With Bertolli Riserva

Asiago Meatball Ravioli

If you’re new around here, let me catch you up some important tidbits. I love cheese, adore ravioli and devour meatballs. Now that we’ve cleared that up perhaps you’ll understand why mixing the three makes me happier than getting birthday presents! Really. I’ve been meaning to try the new Bertolli Riserva sauces so when I was offered the chance to grab a few to facilitate this post while making scrumptious eatery, obviously I was on board!

Asiago Meatball Ravioli - Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes

Choosing from the available sauces wasn’t hard for me because these were tough to find. Apparently people are gobbling them up and left only a few for me. Rude hungry people that like to eat yummy things. 😉 The two that were in stock were Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes and Bertolli Riserva Porcini Mushrooms with Truffle Oil. I’m allergic to mushrooms so Asiago Cheese sauce won, plus that just sounds good. Because cheese! I decided to make my fave, Asiago Meatball Ravioli. Winner, winner, meatball dinner!

1lb meatballs
1lb cheese ravioli
24oz Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes sauce
1/4 cup chopped onions (optional)
Mozzarella cheese (optional)
Basil (optional)

Asiago Meatball Ravioli

**If you don’t know how to make meatballs, don’t worry it’s incredibly simple…and gross. Grab your ground beef, 1 large egg, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup parsley and salt and mash it up in a bowl with your hands. Mhmm, your hands. Preheat your oven, 350-375 is good for most ovens. Then shape the meat into whatever meatball size you like and bake those bad boys for about 25-30 minutes. You should turn them over after 15 minutes so they evenly cook. Or you can buy frozen meatballs but be careful, some are not very tasty.

This is a very simple dish that will taste like you actually put in legit work. Pour the Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes sauce, chopped onion (optional) and the meatballs into a large, deep skillet and heat on medium for about 5 minutes. If you use frozen meatballs you might need to heat on high a few minutes, then reduce to medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Boil water, add the cheese ravioli and give it about 10 minutes, 15 if they were frozen. I’m not fancy. I use frozen ravioli because I don’t know how to make them from scratch. Drain the ravioli, add to the skillet and carefully stir. Add as much mozzarella cheese as you like on top as well as basil and you’re done. I also usually add baby spinach but my brother won’t touch anything involving spinach. Try it if you like. If you time everything right you can cook the ravioli and meatballs almost simultaneously and be finished within 35 minutes!

Asiago Meatball Ravioli

I’m super impressed with the new Bertolli Riserva sauce and I’m eager to try the other flavors once my local store restocks them. Bertolli is celebrating 150 years of being at the heart of Italian inspired dishes and I can see why it’s still a household name after all these years. It was nice being able to get my family together for dinner and see everyone enjoy time and food. We all like different foods so making a meal everyone enjoys is often a mission. Bertolli Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes sauce is one thing we all agree made the asiago meatball ravioli even better. I highly recommend this sauce and you can get a $1.50 off Bertolli Riserva coupon to try it yourself!



  1. Irena Matković
    December 3, 2015 / 6:00 PM

    Looks delicious!

  2. Tea Šainović
    December 5, 2015 / 5:52 AM

    These look yummy, thank you for sharing!

  3. Rachel Beltz
    December 7, 2015 / 10:49 PM

    I really want to try to make ravioli from scratch! I will be using this sauce though for sure 😉

  4. BaileyDexter
    February 4, 2016 / 3:39 PM

    I have nor tried the sauce yet, but now after the review I will be picking up a jar! thanks!