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Mina Slater - MinaSlater.com - Fabulous AwesomenessFabulous Awesomeness is a beauty, fashion, travel & lifestyle blog by Mina Slater…that would be me! I’m an Orlando, Florida gal originally from the super cold land where basketball was basically started. Some people refer to it as Springfield, Massachusetts 😉 I’m a bubbly human that loves all things beauty, fashion, movies and travel. I have a crazy soft spot for puppies, pizza and pink cupcakes. You’ll often find me trying to control my “stravy” hair before an event, playing in makeup with swatches on my arms and a few nails painted random colors. See the photo above? That’s my life. Sometimes I’ll randomly say unrelated comments in the middle of a conversation. Speaking of unrelated, did you know I used to be a TCLP Analyst for an environmental testing laboratory? Chemistry baby…I do miss my lab but not the ugly coat and goggles! Yup, I’m not only about the glitter, I’m a smart cookie too. Now throw some glitter make it rain! Oh yes, I’m 33 and I still think clowns are friggin scary and cooties are real!

Mina Slater's Birthday with Rent The RunwayI mainly write about skincare, makeup, style, product reviews and tips as well as sharing my two cents on movies, events, places and services. I write about what interests me enough to spark a blog post, things I’m really excited to share, things I can’t shut up about…what I consider fabulous awesomeness! I also take a few reader requests. I snap my own photos unless stated otherwise. Like the photo in the middle above, I totally had a remote in my dress pocket so I could take a selfie like a boss! 😉 Soooo, you’re still here huh? Wonderful! I hope you enjoy my posts and chat up a storm with me in blog comments or one of the bagillion social networks out there!

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