6 Easy Habits For Better Health

Green Smoothie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vagisil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t pretend to be the healthiest person in the bunch. I eat all the things, I could exercise more, I forget to wash my makeup off some nights and I don’t always get the recommended hours of sleep. I do however try to fuse some healthy habits into my life and really they are all simple. I may not be the picture of health but these 6 habits have helped me lead a healthier, cleaner life that keeps my body (and my doctor) happy.

Clean, Healthy Living Starts On The Inside

Ever since a local spot treated some friends and I to Himalayan salt treatments a few years ago I’ve been a huge fan of salt rooms. Salt rooms are great for improving respiratory conditions, immune system, skin and much more. If you can’t make it to a salt room there are also salt lamps you can place in your own home! I also like to jump in the sauna as it’s a great way to relax and ease pain while you flush out toxins naturally. I’m also an avid user of activated charcoal, coconut oil, vitamin C, castor oil and other natural supplements that are multipurpose.

Salt Room Millenia - Himalayan Salt Therapy Treatment - Halotherapy

Eat Your Veggies

I love food but I’m very picky with vegetables and only eat the ones that I like specific ways and not often. There are ways around not liking many vegetables though. I’ve always avoided salad because I don’t like lettuce but I’ve found that I love mixing kale, baby spinach, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chicken and cheese. That is salad I could, and often do, eat daily! I’ve also become a smoothie/juice master! Invest in a juicer and throw some veggies and fruit in there for a delicious, healthy beverage.

Green Smoothie For Better Health

Be About Your Fitness

You can work out at home, at the gym or pretty much anywhere. You can do yoga or pilates at home like me. Walk your neighborhood, a track or the park. Ride a bike. Hit the gym for classes, weightlifting or swimming. I have a pool so I swim a lot. You can even exercise while doing dishes or sitting in a chair! A quick search will pop up with a ton of options for all levels of fitness. No matter what you choose, it’s important to your health to get your body moving and stretching!

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Clean Up For Better Health

I love a good soak in a bath of Epsom salt and olive oil. This mixture helps extract toxins, refuel important sulfates and antioxidants and simply makes skin feel amazing. Slough off dead skin with a body scrub or dry brush once a week. Stick to a good skincare routine, clean those pearly whites and clarify your hair. By all means don’t forget the most delicate part of your body, I’m talking about the intimate area ladies! Seriously, did you know this area has the most sweat glands or that exercise and your menstrual can throw your pH balance off? Think about it, you don’t wash your hair or face with regular soap. You clean those areas with special products meant for them so do yourself a favor and cleanse with an intimate wash.

Like Vagisil pH Balance Wash, the only one with Lactoprebiotics that is clinically proven to help you maintain a healthy pH. Vagisil was featured on The Real and I was actually pretty proud when I answered every question right. I love that the ladies of The Real weren’t shy or embarrassed to talk about feminine hygiene. I’m sure at some point we’ve all had questions about itching, odor or dryness and these questions will never get answered properly if we don’t talk about them. They’re completely normal questions, it’s simply another body part to clean. Literally wash head to toe, keeping in mind that delicate areas need special care!

Clear Your Mind

A healthy mind helps lead to a healthy body! If you’re stressing all the time, how on earth can you expect your body to remain up to par. Stress plays a major part in your body’s overall condition. You may not feel it right away but eventually it can weigh you down. Try to find ways to clear your mind. Reading a book, listening to music or even meditating may help. Or perhaps painting, coloring or crafts will help you as much as they help me! You may even find a favorite place that calms you. My place is the beach!

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The Repairing & Restoring Phase

An extremely important factor in health is sleep! Your body heals and rejuvenates while you are sleeping. Make sure to get comfy and relax so you sleep well. Make sure you have the proper bedding for your personal comfort. Don’t let gadgets and television distract you. I’ve started turning off notification on my phone when I’m ready for bed and play ocean sounds to unwind for a peaceful night of rest.

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So that’s a few things that work for me to be just a bit healthier and like I said, they’re all pretty easy. I hope some of these tips help you live a cleaner, healthier life too!

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