10 Ways To Use A Scarf To Travel Like A Bombshell

10 Ways To Use A Scarf To Travel Like A Bombshell [Image source: Catherine McMahon]

The fabulous Jesse Sage was gracious enough to contribute this guest post and share 10 ways to use a scarf to travel like a bombshell. Enjoy! [Feautured Photo by: Catherine McMahon]

Hi there lovelies, I’m Jesse Sage, a model, Youtuber & blogger at JesseSage.com. Mina’s fashionable posts on travel inspired me to share one of my favorite travel style tips with you.

Sometimes there’s just no improving an old standby. Scarves are an accessory that aren’t in the spotlight that much, but as you’ll see, the Old Hollywood starlets who wore them back in the day certainly were. These ladies knew that a good scarf went a long way while jet setting to film sets & romantic rendezvous. When traveling, the best item to have is one that packs lightly and has many uses, so having a scarf in your toolkit makes it easier to get glam even on the go.

10 Ways:

  1. First things first: wherever you’re going, you want to be comfortable and block out haters on the way there! Keeping a scarf in your carry on takes up no room but is perfect for draping over your face for a nap on the plane, in the car, or at the beach once you arrive. I usually just wear one around my neck to the airport so I’m ready for that nap.
  1. Make a headband. Elizabeth Taylor was the queen of looking chic in headband scarves at any location.

You can leave it long and flowing like Liz or tie it up in a bow like Angel Demure did here:


  1. Many temples or churches you may want to visit as a traveler have “modesty requirements” and don’t permit sleeveless tops. So if you’re exploring while wearing a scarf and come across this, you can simply cover your shoulders, and go!
  1. Use as a sarong to cover a bathing suit, so you can go into nearby shops and cafés without changing.
  1. Protect yourself from unexpected sun – this is a lifesaver!! As demonstrated here by the lovely Audrey Hepburn.

  1. A silk one will keep hair from getting mussed and dried out while sleeping, so less time is spent on styling & more on fun!
  1. Cover hair you didn’t have time to wash with a Rosie the riveter style look – great when going from the beach to dinner. Hair can be worn totally covered, but here, though I was having a crazy hair day, I managed to wrangle my bangs into a faux-Bettie bang, which is a cute addition.

  1. Use to separate laundry from clean clothes or pack a purchase into your suitcase – Your future self will thank you when you can just collect your little laundry knapsack to throw in the wash once back at home.
  1. As a neckscarf – This is a cute way to change up an outfit, plus you can block dust and wipe sweat on a hike, or a larger one is great for changing temperatures. A classic banana style is great for this, but here, Grace Kelly (Princess of not only Monaco but also all of Scarfdom) wears a slim silk style for a more refined look.

  1. Ladies in movies always look so glamorous with their scarves tied in the back with shades on in a convertible. But if you’ve been in one you soon found out the style has a purpose – your hair will be crazy after a convertible ride! Combine these two accessories to protect your hairstyle from the wind, and feel more fabulous than ever. Tippi Hedren demonstrates here in the film The Birds (No guarantee it will protect from birds unfortunately).

Best of luck on your travels!