10 Ways To Use A Scarf To Travel …

The fabulous Jesse Sage was gracious enough to contribute this guest post and share 10 ways to use a scarf to travel like a bombshell. Enjoy! [Feautured Photo by: Catherine McMahon]

Hi there lovelies, I’m Jesse Sage, a model, Youtuber & blogger at JesseSage.com. Mina’s fashionable posts on travel inspired me to share one of my favorite travel style tips with you.

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Buy More, Save More With This Shopbop …

Shopbop is at it again folks! They are back with another great sale and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Black Friday and Cyber Monday start this weekend so this is the time to get the bulk of your holiday gifts checked off your list.

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Keeping A Healthy Mind and Body When …

We live in the era of extremely busy life folks. Sometimes too busy! I’ve finally come to the reality that with a household of 5 keeping a healthy mind and body is vital but can be difficult. I love going to fun places such as parks, beaches and restaurants but that is not always possible. I would love to have quiet time to meditate and reflect…or just sleep without anyone knocking at my door.

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