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Birchbox March 2012 | Teen Vogue Edition

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This week I received the special edition Birchbox featuring Teen Vogue Beauty Picks. Birchbox has been hit or miss for me but I have stuck with it for about 5-6 months now. What I like about Birchboxis that it gives me the chance to try products and brands I may not have otherwise tried due to pricing or which I’ve never heard of. When an item is pricey, I will not purchase it without sampling first and Birchbox, for $10, makes that possible for me. Also, Birchbox assures that the Teen Vogue Beauty Picks are suitable for everyone, not just teenagers. I’d love to know what was in the traditional March Birchbox so if you have that one feel free to tell me about it in a comment below! Here is my March Birchbox…

Birchbox March 2012 Teen Vogue Edition

Birchbox | March 2012 Teen Vogue Edition

March 2012 Birchbox – Teen Vogue Beauty Picks Contents:

Birchbox March 2012 Teen Vogue Beauty Picks

Birchbox | March 2012 Teen Vogue Beauty Picks


  • twistband Hair Tie (Tan)
  • Annick Goutal – Petite Cherie (fragrance)
  • Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers
  • essie Luxeffects – a cut above (pink glittery top coat)
  • tarte LipSurgence lip tint (shade: Joy)
  • ModCloth discount code
  • Teen Vogue 2 year subscription discount offer


Birchbox March 2012 Teen Vogue Beauty Picks

Birchbox | March 2012 Teen Vogue Beauty Picks

I am most excited about the essie Luxeffects, tarte LipSurgence and Shiseido blotting papers! I like the idea of the twistband hair tie being that it is supposedly snag free, but on the occasion that I do tie my hair up in a ponytail I use brown or black hair ties. I’m an 80’s baby and 90’s teen and I can’t help but be traumatized by flashback images of grown women wearing big, bright scrunchies in high, side ponytails. Fine for some, but not I, no ma’am! So that is the one thing in the Teen Vogue Birchbox that I feel is more suitable for a teen. Just my preference though. No big deal, no complaints here. Every month I’m just happy if I don’t get a paper coaster or friendship bracelet made from yarn (yes, they sent me that once)! I like my March Birchbox…now excuse me darling as I go paint my nails using my new essie polish.

  • beautybyarielle

    The hair tie sucks. Attempted to do my typical messy bun for the gym & it wouldn't hold. We received many of the same things though! Love that the essie & tarte is full size. 

    • http://www.minaslater.com/ Mina Slater

       @beautybyarielle Well I guess now I don't feel bad for not even giving the hair tie a chance based on the color! Lol. I'm so loving the full size essie & tarte as well, I think this is one of my favorite Birchbox shipments.

  • simmworksfamily

    Oh! Love the nail polish color. I have to get me one of those boxes next time.

    • http://www.minaslater.com/ Mina Slater

       @simmworksfamily Yes, you should definitely check it out. I have enjoyed Birchbox for the most part, with the exception of 2 items that really made me go hmm lol. That's not bad out of over 6 or more boxes though, that's basically disliking 2 of 30 items received :)