Zoya Smoke & Mirrors | Marina

November 22, 2011
Marina from the Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Fall 2011 collection

I’ve been meaning to post about this fabulous nail polish for quite a while. I am such a devoted Zoya Nail Polish fan and I take my Zoya lust very seriously! I love the Fall 2011 Smoke & Mirrors collection. I decided to snap some quick photos after painting my nails today to give you all a glimpse of Marina, one of my favorites.

Marina from the Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Fall 2011 collection

I love this shimmery, metallic look that Marina has even when completely dry. When I finish painting my nails with this shade I am actually afraid to touch them because they still look wet! I was in a rush and forgot to use a top coat so for my nails to look glossy without it is a definite plus in my eyes!

I love the glossy, shimmery goodness of Marina. It looks lovely when natural light hits it!

[quoteicon author=”Zoya”]Zoya Nail Polish in Marina can be best described as: A strongly blue-toned smoky silver-grey with a dusty metallic finish. A blue smoke shade to give a dreamy artistic look to the nails. [/quoteicon]

Zoya Smoke & Mirrors: Marina

I love that Zoya Nail Polish is formaldehyde free. I also appreciate how the website gives you nearly true to color swatches and indicates the color family, finish, intensity, tone and collection of the polish. I could easily find that Marina is from the blues family, metallic finish, cool tone, intensity level of 5 (opaque) and from the Mirrors collection.

Two coats of Marina. It glides on easily & may not require 2 coats but I personally apply thin layers of nail polish to build to the opacity I want & not waste product.

When I saw Marina online it reminded me of a Christmas ornament I used on my tree last year and I just knew it would be a perfect color for fall and winter. I didn’t hesitate to snag this beauty! The best part of shopping Zoya online is you can order a color spoon of any nail polish for 50 cents and free shipping! So if you’re ever unsure of a color, just get a color spoon to test out before buying. Pretty cool eh?

Marina from Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Collection for Fall 2011

I am pretty excited about the new Color Box Gift Sets Zoya released and I think I’m going to order some. I think they’ll make great gifts for friends…and myself! There are 12 color assortments to choose from so choosing will be tough. Anywho, you can shop online at and also follow @Zoya_NailPolish on Twitter. Of course you can follow me too, I’m @Mina_Slater on Twitter!

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  • SD

    What a pretty colour!

  • BeccaBrown

    New follower from Monday Beauties. I would love a follow back

  • LishaLovely

    Very pretty, I only have one zoya polish but I like it. Do they have any polish without glitter? I need some matte polish/

    • Mina Slater

      @LishaLovely Well Marina is more of a shimmer/metallic not glitter but yes they do, I have one actually. I'll do a NOTD post about it for you early next week. :) It's also from Smoke & Mirrors.

  • Ana Rosa

    Such a pretty nail polish. Your photos are great. What camera do you have? I wanted to see good photos to see what it really looks like because it's hard to tell online. How long until chipping?