Happy Birthday Big Brother!

March 18, 2011

So today is my big brother’s birthday. As a kid he told me aliens left me at the front door, tried to put me in the dryer to play Hide & Seek and terrorized me by making me think my Corky doll was really Chucky from Child’s Play. He also held my hand to cross the street, taught me to shoot hoops and protected me from ever experiencing a single bully moment. As an adult he leaves a mess knowing my germaphobic self will tidy up for him, asks me for computer help like I’m the Geek Squad and tells me TMI about his personal life sometimes (That’s when I shout “OMG I’m your sister, call Dave!).

He also makes me laugh and laughs at all my jokes, makes room for quality brother/sister time and gives me first dibs at yummy treats from his bakery (318 Cakes & Bakes). So, with all that it evens out somehow. I mean it could’ve been worse…at least he never started the dryer! I love my big brother! Happy Birthday Shaun!

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