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Baudelaire Soap

July 27, 2010

You’ll find these prettily packaged soaps at boutique hotels around the country and decorating the countertops of Tom Cruise, Prince Charles and Oprah’s houses! These soaps are usually at least $30 but are currently on sale starting at just $12 for a pack of 6. Baudelaire specializes in truly unique products made from all-natural ingredients from around the globe.

Most everything comes from small, family-owned businesses that have been creating their concoctions for years, like Apiana, a skin-nourishing soap that uses honey made by bees in the Swiss Alps, or Chianti Cashmere, a fragrance-free line featuring fresh goat’s milk from Tuscany. And now, you can give your own powder room the A-list treatment. I am usually a liquid soap type of gal but if it’s good enough for Oprah I’m willing to give these soaps a test run! At sale price I am itching to try the chamomile, lavender and rose soaps.

Shop the ideeli sale (starts at 12pm EST)
Visit the Baudelaire Soaps website

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