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Detox Kit For Stressed Skin

May 31, 2010

Normally I am a huge fan of Neutrogena & Lush skin care products. But my crazy lifestyle, in addition to the odd transition of weather we had in Florida from winter through summer, really did a number on my skin. So unfortunately I had to abandon my standard regimen and find something new to address the craptastic changes taking place on my face!

A few months ago, I came across the perfect solution to my skin woes. My new best friend is Skyn Iceland’s Detox Kit for Stressed Skin. Skyn Iceland is by far the best skin care brand I have ever tried! After 4-5 days use, my skin highly improved and began recovering from the harsh weather damage that had been done. Aside from the occasional hormonal breakout (life as a female!), my skin is back to it’s soft, baby-like texture and glow.

The Skyn Iceland Detox Kit for Stressed Skin includes:

  • Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex
  • Arctic Face Mist with Biospheric Complex
  • The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion with Biospheric Complex
  • Oxygen Infusion Night Cream with Biosperic Complex
The items in the kit are mini’s, not full sized, making the kit perfect for travel as well. However, they last well over 30 days as a little goes a long way with Skyn Iceland products. I use the face wash twice daily and the 1oz container lasted me approximately 45 days. The Detox Kit for Stressed Skin is $45 at and as well. There are also full sized versions of all these items as well as other items by Skyn Iceland.
I plan to try The ANTIDOTE SPF 18 Mineral Sunscreen next. Also important to note is that Skyn Iceland products are paraben free, natural ingredients, certified cruelty-free by PETA and 100% vegetarian. You can visit to learn about their entire product line and has plenty of customer reviews.

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